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A seedbox is a dedicated webserver installed and tuned to run torrents. They are very easy to use as they are already setup by experts. You can easily download, store, and stream files to their personal computers at anytime from anywhere that has an internet connection. Seedbox Servers has a fast 24x7 uninterrupted Internet and is accessed remotely by the user over encrypted connection.

We provide a fully managed solution for your seedbox requirements. Our seedbox servers are hosted in Netherlands 🇳🇱 . Seedbox can be accessed through any browser and looks very similar to µTorrent - a very popular Bittorrent client. All our servers are optimized for speeds and to be used for seeding throughout day and night. We also provide round the clock customer support for all clients for any assistance you may require during seedboxes use.

More Details

Benefits of a Seedbox


Protect yourself from ISP's snooping on your torrent activity.


Upload speeds reaching 300MB/s are many times faster than your home connection.

Almost any content available for download

Today even rare content becomes available. You do not need to keep your PC turned on while slow files are in progress. Just start it using SCH seedboxes and we will retrieve it for you.

No network or software restrictions

SCH is a very good solution if your PC or laptop is locked by your ISP, system administrator or you have restrictions in your corporate network.

Anonymous downloads: Safe & Secure

Your connection to Seedbox.CH is protected with HTTPS protocol. Your downloads are carried on behalf of Seedbox.CH. Nobody knows your actual IP.

Nothing to install and no configuration is needed

Just download! The only thing you need is your web-browser. If you see this page it means you are ready to download.

Use as the fastest BitTorrent application

Just paste the link to your torrent or upload torrent-file from your computer and download faster than ever.

24 hours Money Back Guarantee

All services offeres at SCH comes with 24 hours money back guarantee. No questions asked

VPS SeedBox

A Server that behaves like a physical server and has it's own Operating System. You are given full Administrator access to manage your data and Applications running inside the server.


Private Seedbox

A Shared Seedbox server that is managed by us to provide users access to P2P client (rTorrent). Get your shot at torrenting without worrying about managing server or installing applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seedbox?

A seedbox is a dedicated webserver installed with P2P clients tuned to run torrents at very high speed.

What is the need of seedbox?

Seedbox gives you full privacy and anonymity from anyone snooping on your P2P activity.

Are Seedboxes safe?

Seedboxes are build with privacy and securtiy in mind. They are frequently audited by various Organizations as the Apps we use are Open Source. We are a Proud Open Source Advocate.

Is there a free seedbox ?

Yes do provide a 24 Hour FREE Seedbox to test how it feels to drive a box.

Order your seedbox for FREE

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